Tool of the Week: Confused Joe Biden

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 5, 2020

Joe Biden has been portrayed on the campaign trail as a doddering old fool. 

It’s really not a caricature. 

Beyond the Dem presidential candidate’s trouble with the truth (at least 33 false or misleading statements during last week’s presidential debate), he looked like he had missed his nightly meds and was up way past his bedtime. Biden was oft confused and as he grew increasingly flustered, he came across as a grumpy old man — a Statler from the Muppets, without the charm or wit. 

But it was his absurd avoidance game that really showed just what a tool this say-anything candidate is. 

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, debate moderator, asked Biden whether he would pack the Supreme Court and end the Senate filibuster. The far left’s empty vessel wouldn’t say. More so, his nonanswer was as confused as the candidate. 

“Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue,” Biden said. 


It sure will, Joe. In fact, it’s the issue right now that you won’t answer the question. 

He doubled down on his nonsense a day later during an interview with Pittsburgh’s WTAE. 

“You know, that’s exactly what they want me to talk about so we don’t talk about how they’re violating the Constitution now,” Biden said. “I’m not going to play Trump’s game. Right now, my entire focus is seeing to it that the American people get a chance – the election has already started – to have their say on who the next Supreme Court justice is. And that’s what I’m focused on.”

So how are the Republicans violating the constitution? 

“The constitution says that the American people – I taught constitutional law for over 20 years – says the American people get an opportunity to choose who they want on the Supreme Court by who they pick as their senator and their president,” the former VP said.  

Beyond the fact that the president and the Senate the American people picked in 2016 are still in power until January 2021, the constitution says nothing about when the two players make their decisions. It makes clear that the president’s duty is to nominate and the Senate is to provide its advice and consent. 

Trump has upheld his end of the constitutional deal, nominating Appeals Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the seat of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Republican-controlled Senate appears poised to hold hearings and vote on whether to confirm the nominee. 

Biden is confused about the constitution. He’s confused about a lot of things. 

One thing is crystal clear, however. He is the tool of the radical left that has commandeered the Democratic Party, a left pushing to pack the court to get the court it wants. 

Joe Biden is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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