Tool of the Week: Greta Neubauer, leader of the feeble party

Empower Wisconsin | Nov. 28, 2022

MADISON — Wisconsin’s version of AOC will be at the helm of the Assembly’s ever left-lurching minority for another session.

State Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) recently was re-elected by her fellow Assembly Democrats. It’s a title with little power outside the shrinking caucus. Republicans dominate the lower house, just a few seats shy of a supermajority. Democrats will remain a feeble afterthought in the Assembly over the next two years.

But Neubauer and friends will once again play the role of political irritant, a part the minority party has played exceptionally well over the past decade-plus. And the Minority Leader has promised Assembly Dems will continue to push a radically progressive agenda most certainly backed by radical-in-chief, Gov. Tony Evers.

“We will promote a visionary, inclusive policy agenda that shows that government can, and must, be a force for good in Wisconsin,” Neubauer said in a statement.

If Evers and liberals in the Legislature had their way, government would be an unchecked force of growth and abuse of individual rights. How do we know? Because they have had their way — during a pandemic. They showed us what life would be like under complete left-wing authoritarian rule.

It wasn’t pretty.

With a projected record budget surplus approaching $6.6 billion, Neubauer has been clamoring to spend taxpayer money on all manner of progressive initiatives — from dumping billions more into Wisconsin’s faltering public school system to more wasteful and divisive “equity” measures.

And you can expect doubling down on costly, economy-bruising climate change initiatives. Last year Neubauer pushed a package of 22 bills aimed at creating a “just transition to renewable energy.” The climate change alarmism agenda would be anything but just for Wisconsin businesses and residential customers, who would see significant increases in their energy bills to meet the left’s unreal zero-carbon mission statement.

Not surprisingly, Neubauer has been praised by the same liberal Green New Deal groups that love U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). AOC is the queen of climate change hysteria,

While a conservative Legislature will hopefully check such radical inclinations, the left never stops in its pursuit of rebuilding the republic in its own socialist image.

State. Rep. Greta Neubauer is a tool in that pursuit. And this week, the Democrat is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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2 responses to “Tool of the Week: Greta Neubauer, leader of the feeble party”

  1. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    “We will promote a visionary, inclusive policy agenda that shows that government can, and must, be a force for good in Wisconsin,” Neubauer said in a statement.”

    Anytime I see government officials saying they “must be a force for good in Wisconsin”, I wonder what “good” they are planning to “force” on us.

  2. Lesley McKinney Avatar
    Lesley McKinney

    “Budget surplus” is gov-speak for “we took much more of your hard earned income than we needed to.”

    When will the “blue no matter who” idjits of Madison and Milwaukee realize that the government doesn’t have a single penny that wasn’t taken from a constituent first?

    Give it back!

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