Tool of the Week: Ironically offended school board member

This is how stupid the infiltration of Wokeness in America’s schools has become.

Last week, an Amery School Board member scolded a parent for spelling out the obscene language in an anti-police book taught in Amery’s high school classrooms. It apparently was all much too offensive for a public school board meeting of adults.

Joe Vierkant, a parent of Amery school children and chief of police for the northwest Wisconsin community of Barron, quoted a brief section of the young adult novel, “Dear Martin.”  The book examines racism and police brutality, major themes of the Woke critical race theory and antiracism movement.

Vierkant drew from a profanity-laced exchange between a vile — and fictional — cop — and the main character, a black teen named Justyce. Vierkant literally spelled out the F-bombs and other profane language in the section. He stopped and asked, “Do I need to go further?”

“Please not,” urged board member Erin Hosking. “I’m not even sure what the point is. I’d like for you to explain the point but I don’t think we need that kind of language being spelled out.”

That’s the point, isn’t it?

If “that kind of language” is offensive at a school board meeting, does it belong in the classroom?

Maybe. Maybe not. That’s certainly a debate for the parents and the educrats in Amery.

Vierkant’s broader point was not about banning books, but the one-sided conversation teachers are having with their students under the benign-sounding names of “antiracism,” “critical race theory” and “social justice.” What books like “Dear Martin” are teaching is that America has always been and remains an oppressive nation, a nation filled with laws only benefitting white people and enforced by white supremacist police officers.

For Vierkant, it’s the leftist lessons indoctrinating young minds into believing all police officers are racists, are villains, the bad guys. It’s the broad brush, the sweeping generalities at the core of the “white privilege” education model that demands that America is a land of white supremacy steeped in systemic racism.

In short, parents like Vierkant don’t want their kids to be taught lies.

The moment should have been a wake-up call for the Woke on the Amery School board. It likely won’t because so many school boards across Wisconsin have become the tools of the intellectually poisonous education establishment.

Erin Hosking is just one of those tools. But she is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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3 responses to “Tool of the Week: Ironically offended school board member”

  1. Dave Avatar

    It’s sweet irony that it was Chief Vierkant who did that, had that been any other old schmuck that pulled that stunt, the board would had called that same Chief to have them charged with ‘disorderly conduct’ (a catch-all when nothing else will work) and because that charge is so encompassing, you end up being guilty of it and have to pay a fine (I know…been there…and *done* that…!).

    It wouldn’t had mattered if the poor bastard was reading out of a book that they teach kids or not, the excuse they would had leveled was that just because convenience stores sell prophylactics doesn’t mean that they can be used there.

    Heads I win…tails you lose…

  2. Big Shirl Avatar
    Big Shirl

    Children in a public school classroom are a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE. Teachers sign contracts to teach, not indoctrinate.
    If teachers deviate from district-prescribed curriculum, what consequences do they experience?
    Probably none. School boards don’t want to fire a teacher.
    But they don’t want to be sued either.

  3. biff Avatar

    Are those moron board members GOV union employees in WI? If yes That explains that Afl Cio blue fist commies nation wide

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