Tool of the Week: Jill Underly and her bad math

Empower Wisconsin | Sept. 26, 2022

MADISON — Wisconsin has a problem. It has an education chief that doesn’t do math.

In fact, Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Jill Underly won’t even talk about the math. As in, the alarmingly low math proficiency scores of the 811,000 children under her guidance.

In her state of education speech last week, Underly brushed off the criticisms. She said it’s “unfortunate that critics will latch onto test scores when so many other things should have taken precedence in a once in a lifetime, or once in a century, pandemic.”

Less than a third of Wisconsin students being able to solve a math problem or read and write at grade level is more than unfortunate — it’s criminal. So was siding with teachers unions in locking out students from a real education despite warnings from health officials not to do so.

Underly, a tool of the teachers unions and the woke education establishment, instead blamed Republican lawmakers for underfunding education in a time of unprecedented spending on education. State Rep. Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam), co-chair of the Joint Finance  Committee, said the superintendent’s speech was more of what Wisconsin has come to expect from the education establishment — false claims that Republicans have defunded schools while ignoring key issues like parental involvement and curriculum transparency.

“Of her nearly 5,000 word speech, Dr. Underly mentioned parents only three times, and never in the context of improving parental involvement in their child’s educational experience,” Born said. “While Dr. Underly, Governor Evers and their liberal allies continue to ignore the importance of parental engagement, Republicans have provided historic investments in schools, while working to ensure parents have a seat at the table.”

Underly did double down on her defense of radical education policies and curriculum. She declared “pronouns save lives.”

“Put more simply, affirming identities is suicide prevention,” she said.

You know what isn’t suicide prevention? The spikes in suicides and increased rates of depression among children disconnected from their teachers and friends thanks to endless remote “learning.”

While Underly focuses on pronouns, the annual national assessment shows kids are falling farther behind.

“Supt. Underly’s performance has made schools less safe, less attended, and less productive. Exhausted teachers and students needed her to provide hope and a plan,” the Institute for Reforming Government said in a statement following Underly’s speech.”

But the state’s educrat-in-chief isn’t good with numbers. She’s great with excuses. Throwing more money down a hole isn’t going to fix the damage done to Wisconsin’s education system by Evers, Underly and their liberal pals over the last decade-plus.

Jill Underly is a tool of the education establishment failure machine.

And she is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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2 responses to “Tool of the Week: Jill Underly and her bad math”

  1. Tonya Avatar

    Jill Underly is a rogue vigilante with an eyeball in her vagina who began wreaking havoc in our schools after a nonbinary teenage girl dug her out of the sand, where she was buried up to her neck as punishment by the all-female Polish space military.

  2. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    “She said it’s “unfortunate that critics will latch onto test scores when so many other things should have taken precedence in a once in a lifetime, or once in a century, pandemic.”

    It’s actually “unfortunate” that the education establishment refuses to recognize that test scores are the only way to show if students are learning and retaining anything.

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