Tool of the Week: Joe Biden, Tool of Putin’s war

Empower Wisconsin | March 7,  2022

MADISON — Vladimir Putin was so frightened of President Joe Biden that he launched a brutal invasion of Ukraine the likes the European continent had not seen since World War II.

Even more so than his old boss, Barack “red line” Obama, Biden is much bluster and little substance.

Yes, he’s a gaffe machine. Like praising the indomitable spirit of the Iranians for fighting off Putin and his crushing Russian army encircling Kiev (No, Mr. President. It’s Ukrainians, mouths VP Kamala Harris). Or randomly yelling out, “Go get him!” like a deranged old man waking up from a long nap — which is what the doddering president desperately needed after his windy State of the Union address.

But it’s much bigger than the many verbal ticks and miscues.

Biden and his far left climate change agenda put the United States in a vulnerable position — in what has quickly become a much more dangerous world — on Day 1 of his administration. His first act as president was to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline project. He followed up with a slew of actions that turned the United States from a net exporter of oil into a nation increasingly dependent on Middle East (and Russian) oil imports.

Instead of turning off the spigot from countries that hate the United States, Biden’s climate change alarmist Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said buying more oil from terrorist sponsor Iran is “on the table.” And then he doubled down on Biden’s environmental extremist agenda.

Biden, with all of the sanctions and tough talk, refuses to quit Russian oil, despite bipartisan support to stop propping up Putin’s killing machines.

The Biden administration’s anti-American energy policies are responsible for America sending $74 million per day to Russia for oil imports, The Heartland Institute’s James Taylor reports, drawing from an analysis of U.S. Energy Information Administration data show. That’s enough money for Russia to buy 20 T-14 tanks every day.

The U.S. imported 24 percent more oil from Russia in 2021 than in 2020.

“During the Trump administration, the United States became a net exporter of oil,” Taylor wrote. “Under the Biden administration’s war on domestic energy production, that has changed. America no longer produces enough oil to cover our needs and would have a much more difficult time replacing Russian oil imports.”

Biden can’t give up importing oil because he’s not strong enough to stand up to his insane far left base, which demands their servant deliver on his “carbon-neutral” promises.

He’s a tool of these radicals, at a very dangerous time for the United States and the world.

And this tool of a president is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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2 responses to “Tool of the Week: Joe Biden, Tool of Putin’s war”

  1. gene Avatar

    I am waiting for the democrats to finally realize that Biden isn’t for the Americans, he is for his family. He can’t condemn Putin because Putin has something on Biden and is controlling him. Next China will do things that Biden won’t stop him either. Biden is the worst president ever

  2. Gene Avatar

    Biden is owned by Putin, Xi, and Iran. They gave the Biden’s so much money and now Biden owes them. It’s very scary for Americans.

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