Tool of the Week: Self-righteous legislative Dems

Empower Wisconsin | Feb. 24,  2020 

MADISON — When did it become immoral to give taxpayers their money back? 

That’s how the unrighteously indignant, out-of-touch left sees it. 

In long, insufferable speeches last week, legislative Democrats painted the GOP tax cut plan as an act of theft perpetrated against children, that it somehow failed the left’s morality test. 

The Republican-controlled Assembly and Senate passed the nearly $300 million tax relief package Thursday with only two Democrat votes in the Assembly. The bill awaits action from Gov. Tony Evers. 

Liberals in both houses huffed and puffed that the Republicans’ bill wasn’t Evers’ bill, which would have dumped $250 million of the state’s $620 million surplus into public education. 

They complained that Republicans had failed the Legislature’s “moral” responsibility.

What a load of crap. 

The Republican-led Legislature has passed record K-12 education spending in the past two biennial budgets, the most recent signed by Democrat Evers. Let’s rephrase that: Republicans — and only Republicans — have passed record K-12 spending. Their Democratic colleagues, despite their lofty talk about “the children,” voted against the approximately $1.2 billion in new education funding. 

The latest round of tax cuts include nearly $250 million in income tax relief, about $106 annually for the average taxpayer. That’s ongoing, with about two-thirds of Wisconsin tax filers receiving the tax break through changes to the standard deduction, according to the state Legislative Fiscal Bureau.  

And businesses would see about $45 million in combined personal property tax relief. That’s money many will reinvest in hiring and capital investments — a most moral outcome.  

The tax cuts are compliments of more than $800 million in better-than-expected revenue (tax collections). As conservative after conservative on the Assembly and Senate floor said, It’s the taxpayers’ money. And it should go back to the taxpayer and for buying down state debt, which will save taxpayers even more. 

Only a big government tool would believe it’s “immoral” to send back excess tax money to the people it comes from. Democrats in the state Legislature are such tools. 

All together, they are Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week. 

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