Tool of the Week: Temper-tantrum Nancy

Empower Wisconsin | Feb. 10,  2020

If Nancy Pelosi were in pre-school, her teachers would give her a timeout.

But since the Speaker of the House is in politics, many of her fellow Democrats have hailed her as a hero for ripping up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address.

As Empower Wisconsin columnist Terrance Wall wrote last week, the petulant act summed up Pelosi and her childish Democrat Party. It was House Democrats, led by the speaker, who brought trumped up charges against the president in the climax of their bitchy resistance movement. And it was Pelosi and her party that watched in disbelief as reasonable people saw the impeachment show for what is was: a political witch-hunt.

Before their political Kabuki theater collapsed under its own dead weight, Pelosi saw the writing on the wall. The same politico who wore a black dress as she declared how “mournful” and “prayerful” she was about impeaching the president was left only to throw a very public temper-tantrum when her political plans fell through.

That image of a 79-year-old child tearing up the president’s speech will be etched on the American voter’s mind beyond November. It is an image that could go a long way in swaying undecided voters. It certainly has rallied Trump’s conservative base.

Pelosi was the face of impeachment. Now, more than ever, she is the face of political childishness.

More than that, Pelosi is a tool, Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Week.

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