Tool of the Year: Goodbye Mandela Barnes

Empower Wisconsin | Dec. 27, 2022

MADISON — So the “red wave” didn’t happen. Not in Wisconsin, anyway. Incompetent liberal Tony Evers won a second term as governor. The left’s lawyer, Attorney General Josh Kaul won, too.

But conservatives can take some consolation in the fact that Evers’ far left lieutenant governor, Mandela Barnes, will not only not be serving as Wisconsin’s junior U.S. senator, he’ll be out of politics altogether. At least for now. Barnes gambled big and lost, running against two-term U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Oshkosh). Now, he’s out as lieutenant governor, too. Not that he did much of any consequence — that he can remember.

Barnes was cocky. So were Badger State and national Democrats. They thought Johnson would be an any easy target. The left and the mainstream media had hit the conservative senator with everything they had. The problem was, Barnes was a bad candidate.

Honest Democrats would admit as much. Barnes, like his boss Evers, vilified law enforcement officers in the name of radical politics as the average voter was growing very tired of cop bashing. He courted the defund the police movement and then tried to hide from his radical stance. The liberal seemed to forget about his liberal use of social media over the years. He repeatedly was caught in his own lies.

His legislative record, which includes pitching a bill that would eliminate cash bail for violent offenders, didn’t age well in the wake of the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre. And this scary socialist has preached thwarting American capitalism while praising the world’s tyrants. There’s more. Much more. But you get the point.

Democrats, of course, only have themselves to blame for Barnes’ loss. His primary rivals bailed out of the race — cleared the field for him — a week before the August contest. Johnson and his campaign, meanwhile, had a field day, picking from a trove of Barnes’ stupid tweets and other out of touch public statements.

Now, Mandela Barnes has mere days left in political power, as inconsequential as that power may be.

But chances are very good Barnes will be back, running for something. After all, politics is one of the few jobs he’s had. And the left has found him a useable tool.

As he departs, the soon-to-be former lieutenant governor and also-ran Senate candidate is Empower Wisconsin’s Tool of the Year.

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4 responses to “Tool of the Year: Goodbye Mandela Barnes”

  1. Martha Avatar

    We can at least be grateful that Sen. Johnson was re-elected. Barnes was a terrible candidate, but quite frankly that seems to describe most of the Democrat candidates. All I can think is that a lot of people only listen to campaign ads rather than doing any investigation. Of course the Democrats do have the Unions and the msm on their side. Those two groups that are totally corrupt.

  2. Anita Hartgerink Avatar
    Anita Hartgerink

    If it weren’t for Unions my husband who worked for Mercury Marine for 431.2 years would have worked for peanuts and No benefits! And all those rich politicians in the White House DONOT pay taxes! We the middle class people do! Johnson is corrupt Trump is corrupt! Do you want me to list some more?

  3. ED CALEDRE Avatar

    Everybody knows that Ron Johnson’s own office was involved in the criminal scheme to submit a phony slate of “alternate” electors with the aim of giving former President Donald Trump an illegitimate win in the 2020 election he decisively lost to President Joe Biden.
    Johnson’s snarling greed will be the flaw that brings about his downfall and those of his unscrupulous cohorts. His hubris in thinking that he can have and control anything and anyone, from the American people to the incomprehensible entity in his home, poises him to lose everything: his career, his family, his ridiculous self-respect. If he gets stripped of these things, he’s got a small shot at actually becoming a MAN! More likely, he will voluntarily allow the incomprehensible entity to absorb his own body and mind entirely to grant the entity a new form.
    If you journalists are going to cover the public and personal changes his transformation will bring, you should — for the moral instructions of you readers — emphasize how human pride, and especially human pride with power and means, is the true monster. The Johnson-alien-hybrid’s arrival at Washington D.C.’s Senate building is sure to wreak havoc over there there if it contains even half of Johnson’s pride and the creature’s destructive capabilities. Make your journalism teachers and mentors proud, but be careful out there!

  4. Pamela Avatar

    Ron Johnson is one of thee biggest snakes Wisconsin has. Tell me and others one good thing he has done?Am I allowed to say rigged election? I bet if Barnes won….Johnson would be saying that…lol. Johnson is like Trumptard. I, I, I. Not what I can do for Wisconsonites. Snakes weasel.

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