Transing children is child abuse

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 25, 2019

By Joy Pullmann, the Federalist

A Dallas, Texas jury on Tuesday awarded custody of a seven-year-old child to his mother, who has the boy dress as a girl while in her care because she believes he is transgender. Jeffrey Younger, the father of James, has been fighting the child’s mother, Anne Georgulas, in court to prevent her from ultimately chemically and possibly physically castrating the child, which is now the politically correct way to treat gender dysphoria.

Thankfully, the judge presiding over the case ruled on Thursday that the parents will have joint custody of the child, which includes making medical decisions for James, according to Life Site News.  

Younger says young James is comfortable as a boy while in his care, choosing boy clothes, preferring his male given name to his mother’s transgender moniker “Luna,” and describing himself as a boy. Witnesses his mother paid to appear during the trial explained this by calling him “gender fluid” and saying he “does not identify with only one gender.”

The person who looks at a three-year-old playacting as a female cartoon character and decides he needs a trip to the gender clinic and possibly chemical castration is the problem, not the child. The person who tries to take a son away from his perfectly normal, loving father is the problem, not the father.

Our society has laws against child mutilation, and for good reason: Because it is evil. It’s evil when it’s female genital mutilation, it’s evil when it’s double mastectomies on healthy 13-year-olds, and it’s evil when it’s the slow chemical castration of a perfectly healthy eight-year-old boy whose only crime was to playact as the wrong cartoon character in front of his mother.

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