Two liberals in hot water?


Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 16, 2020

By M.D. Kittle 

MADISON — Is there a reckoning for two leftwing Wisconsin politicians whose social network nastiness got them in hot water? Kind of. 

One dropped a fowl descriptor associated with misogynists, while the other “Love Trumps Hate” liberal blasted all kinds of anti-conservative hatred. 

Francesca Hong, a Madison Democrat running for outgoing liberal state Rep. Chris Taylor’s Assembly seat, took to Twitter Tuesday to call the Tavern League of Wisconsin the “C-Word.” The derogatory term used to disparage women, in this case, was used by a woman to insult the state lobbyist suing Gov. Tony Evers’ administration. The League aims to stop Team Evers’ emergency order restricting capacity to 25 percent at public places. 

“Please note that the corrupt, crooked, (C-Word) at the Tavern League do not represent the interests of all bars and restaurants,” Hong alliteratively wrote.

She got hundreds of likes from fellow libs, probably many of the same folks who have attacked conservatives for much less. 

State Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh), the Assembly’s minority leader, didn’t think it was an appropriate term for Hong to use, at least according to his spokesperson. Hintz, of course, had his own problems with inappropriate activities several years back at Appleton’s Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor in Appleton. 

Hong’s Republican opponent, Patrick Hull, said the word is hurtful. 

“To throw this word out in what is meant to be an attack on a small business group, no matter what your feelings are about them, is completely inappropriate and shows a distinct lack of caring about oppression and the struggles that many women have faced,” Hull said in a statement. 

But remember, in Woke Land, only the unwoke say hurtful, offensive things. 

Hong did what all liberals running for office in a hypocritical leftwing city do: She doubled down. 

“A swear word might break political decorum. So I’ll stop using it when they (the Tavern League) drop their lawsuit against Governor Evers’ capacity limits,” the Democrat tweeted. 

The incident, which would have cost a conservative an election, probably will bring Hong 1,000 more votes. 

Meanwhile, Wauwatosa Alderwoman Heather Kuhl, a radical leftist who openly loathes the local police force, submitted her resignation Wednesday. 

She did not provide a reason for stepping down. But it just might have had something to do with her reported secret Twitter account in which Kuhl “routinely posts extremely profane, largely unhinged attacks on President Trump, Republicans, and pretty much anyone who disagrees” with her leftist ideas, according to conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell.  

A couple of days before Kuhl stepped down, O’Donnell reported on her secret Twitter account, @BeerDudesWife. Her secret Twitter handle, “Vanilla Vixen,” is a reference to Vanilla Vixen Cakes–a bakery that Kuhl once owned, according to the talk show host. Kuhl apparently took down the account after O’Donnell reached out for comment. 

“Since launching the account in 2015, she has tweeted dozens of vile, hateful missives,”  NewsTalk 1130 WISN’s O’Donnell wrote. 

Kuhl, who pushed for the firing of a black officer who shot a black suspect in self-defense, anonymously spewed her hate for “every conservative shit stain that is using OUR city as a f***ing Drumpf talking point…” She added that said conservatives “can shove it up their ass sideways.” 

“Hey fellow white people: STOP BEHAVING LIKE RACIST F***ING TRASH AND HARASSING EVERY POC (Person of Color) YOU ENCOUNTER,” she wrote in another tweet, according to O’Donnell’s story. 

There’s more, much more. But you get the point. 

Kuhl wouldn’t talk to O’Donnell, or any other media members for that matter. It is interesting to note that the alderwoman who apparently anonymously kept a secret Twitter account for years, parted from her public position insisting that she’s the real deal.

“I have been, and always will be unapologetically authentic,” Kuhl wrote in her resignation letter. 

It’s that kind of authenticity that will probably get her elected again in painfully Woke Wauwatosa.

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