• Son of 9/11 victim takes on ‘the Squad’

    Empower Wisconsin | Sept. 13, 2019 “Some people” didn’t kill Nicholas Haros Jr.’s mom. Terrorists blindly bent on hate did….

  • Bernie to parent: Keep that kid quiet

    A baby felt the Bern on the campaign trail last week when presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders asked a parent holding a fussy infant if “we could keep that down a little bit?” See the vid from the Washington Examiner.

  • Biden Gaffe Video

    Joe Biden is just a gaffe machine, and he don’t work for nobody but you. Check out Mark Styen’s take on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”

    Video credit to Fox News

  • Little AOC

    Remembering Little AOC (video)

    We at Empower Wisconsin still think Little AOC, aka Ava Martinez, is hilarious. And this social media sensation’s impression of the socialist remains spot on.