Vos: Dems don’t want the truth, they want distractions

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Democrats have so viciously attacked legislative investigations into the 2020 presidential election because they want to avoid having a conversation about their many failures.

“It’s an interesting time that we’re in where the folks on the left are desperate for us to not talk about what has happened in the challenges that occurred in 2020,” the Rochester said at a press conference Tuesday before the start of Assembly floor session.

Democrats and their friends in the accomplice media have spent a lot of time disputing that there were problems at the polls in an unprecedented election year that saw record numbers of Americans cast votes by mail. The left has attempted to whitewash it all by lumping any legitimate question, concern or clear election law violation into its catch-all “Big Lie” narrative — which in and of itself is a big lie.

In Wisconsin, liberals have lashed out against legislative committees seeking answers to troubling election questions, defensively argued against any criticisms lodged against the state’s elections administrator, even attempted to erode confidence in the Legislative Audit Bureau — long seen as the nonpartisan gold standard of government agencies. Meanwhile, mayors and elections officials in Wisconsin’s largest cities that lapped up millions of dollars in election infiltration grants funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have refused to cooperate with investigators, thumbing their noses at legislative subpoenas and requests for information.

Would they be resisting so much if they had nothing to hide?

Vos says part of that resistance is a distraction tactic.

“There’s a long list of things that they want to avoid, so they want to focus on what I think is an entirely fairly simple review of making sure that, in 2020 the problems that happened, are fixed going forward,” the speaker said. “They’re not looking, unfortunately, for the truth. What they’re looking for, unfortunately, is an issue to talk about to avoid all the things where their failure is so apparent.”

Those failures start at the top, with a Democrat president who has seen his poll numbers plummet over his first year in office. Biden’s failures — his handling of the pandemic, inflation, supply-chain nightmares, the crime epidemic — are the Democrats’ failures, Vos said.

The speaker didn’t discuss further why he had stripped state Rep. Tim Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) of his one staff member, a punishment for Ramthun’s public criticism of Vos on election issues. Ramthun has also pushed measures aimed at de-certifying Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes that went to Biden in the hotly contested election in which Biden narrowly beat President Donald Trump by 20,000-plus votes.

Vos said Republicans are not trying to overturn the results of the presidential election but examine the things that conflicted with election law.

“We are looking at the past to learn from it to make sure we go into the 2022, 2024 election cycles to guarantee we don’t have out-of-state billionaires trying to buy influence through the public-private process that was allowed to be happening,” he said. “We want to make sure that we don’t have folks who do ballot harvesting ..

“These are not things that in most places, if you just take a step back, should be controversial. They are only controversial because the Democrats have so little to talk about. “

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3 responses to “Vos: Dems don’t want the truth, they want distractions”

  1. Dave Avatar

    The difference between the State of Wisconsin and a circus is that the circus eventually leaves town…

  2. gene Avatar

    The dem’s don’t want the election looked into because they know that they cheated!!. We need to show them that cheating doesn’t pay. They want to lead the US, quietly, into the new world order with China the leader I, for one don’t want to live under China’s control

  3. Dr. Tar Avatar
    Dr. Tar

    Vos is part of the problem if he doesn’t leave open the possibility of decertifying the election after the investigation has been completed.

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