Walker: Evers made a ‘huge mess’

Empower Wisconsin | April 9, 2020

MADISON — Wisconsin’s spring elections shouldn’t be a partisan issue, former Gov. Scott Walker told Fox News earlier this week.

And it wouldn’t have been had Gov. Tony Evers “stepped in weeks ago,” Walker said.

“But unfortunately. weeks ago, the governor himself was saying there should be an election, and less than two weeks ago he said he couldn’t do anything,” the Republican former governor said. “Then just days ago he called for a special session and today he switched yet again saying they were going to postpone.”

“It’s just a huge mess for everyone all across the state of Wisconsin,” Walker added.

Evers issued an executive order on the eve of the election postponing the vote until June. He was quickly told by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that he lacked the authority to do so — that, despite the Democrat’s growing fondness for his extraordinary emergency powers,  setting elections were still the joint responsibility of the legislative and executive branches.

Walker said failing to hold the elections would create a constitutional crisis.

“There are thousands and thousands of local elections for mayor, city council, county board, other positions out there, that will expire,” Walker said. “Those terms will be done and there won’t be people in office to hold those terms. They (Evers administration) should have dealt with this weeks ago.”

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