About Empower Wisconsin

Welcome to Empower Wisconsin! As Wisconsin’s premiere conservative information hub, Empower Wisconsin will amplify the voices of conservative organizations, educate and mobilize activists, and serve as a watchdog that holds our elected officials and the media accountable.

Empower Wisconsin will advocate a conservative agenda that adheres to our most basic rights and the belief that big government is the greatest threat to our personal freedom. Empower will train leaders and grassroots activists to communicate effectively through policy briefings, talking points, videos, and audio podcasts.

Empower Wisconsin will educate, advocate and mobilize conservative voices with a strong and well-defined issue agenda. In addition, Empower Wisconsin will develop a network of like-minded organizations at the state and federal levels to maximize the power of our collective efforts.

Empower Wisconsin will use grassroots advocacy and paid advertising campaigns to educate the public about the need and benefit of bold reforms in areas like criminal justice, education, and regulation. We’ll also alert elected officials and the public about proposed legislation or administrative efforts to expand government reach and limit personal freedom.

Eric O'Keefe President

Eric O'Keefe Director

Valerie Johnson Secretary/Treasurer

Valerie Johnson Secretary/Treasurer